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Peter Knight and Mike Daines are the talented and handsome partnership at the heart of the K+D studio. Their combined specialities embrace all aspects of commercial and corporate photography, both in the studio and on location for an international client portfolio.

Peter Knight

An attention for detail first attracted Peter away from newspaper photography and into commercial studio and location photography. The opportunity to set up his own studio in 1980 soon made him a well-known photographer in the area and, always preferring to work in commerce than in the social field, Peter soon developed a busy working relationship with many of the area’s best-known businesses and advertising agencies.

These days he works happily with long-time friend Mike both on location and in the Harlow Studio but never misses an opportunity to escape to France for either the wine or the  ‘twitching’ - usually managing both at much the same time! Recent trips to the Camargue, Rhone Valley and the Coto Donana have kept his tally of birds high but so too his alcohol levels!

Mike Daines

Mike first became passionate about photography when as a lad he attended one of Fox Talbot’s workshops. Once bitten by the bug he soon turned professional by working his way onto local newspapers and Fleet Street news agencies and contracts with The Sun and Sunday Mirror followed. He terminated his by then coveted staff photographer job for the Sunday Mirror when “The Bouncing Check” Bob Maxwell took over the Mirror Group and nicked everyones self respect along with their pensions!

"Those days were really the dying days of what was known as 'Fleet Street'", says Mike. “They were great fun and it’s where I honed my joy of photographing people and the skill of putting them at ease in front of my camera."

Until joining up with his old mate Peter Knight the interim years were spent freelancing, shooting news and celebrity features for magazines both here in the UK and abroad. He is still a regular contributor to Hello! magazine.


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